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APRIL 2015

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Thursday, July 4th 2013: The GREEN MAN Show

Summer is here – celebrate with your favourite pagan symbol, THE GREEN MAN!

The Green Man is an ancient motif representing the cycle of the seasons, transformation and the rebirth of spring after a long winter. Most often found carved in wood and stone in European gothic cathedrals, he is represented by the face of a man made up of foliage or spewing leaves.

He is enigmatic. He is misunderstood. He is benevolent. He is a primeval archetype.His origins are shrouded in the mists of time...

So - at 7pm, Thursday July 4th, we're opening up all three floors of our space at 156 Augusta Avenue to make room for the 40+ artists taking part – YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISTS!

Featuring but not limited to:

Kalman Andrasofszky, Matt Barnett, J Bone, Julia Breckenreid, Michael Byers, Johnny Cobalto, Rob Collinet, Jay Dart, Willow Dawson, Mat Den Boer, Katy Dockrill, Rob Elliott, Andrew Foerster, Matt Forsythe, Jessica Fortner, Ron Gervais, Alex Gorodskoy, Clayton Hanmer, Scott Hepburn, Ian Herring, Jen Hsieh, Elaine Hsu, Beatriz Juarez, Jeremy Kai, Jamie Kaiser, Beth Kennedy, Janice Kun, Jason Laudadio, Hyein Lee, Aaron Leighton, Steve Manale, Craig Marshall, Winnie Ma, Steve McArdle, Brian McLachlan, Kagan McLeod, Gillian Newland, Ian Phillips, Jen Prior, Luke Ramsey, Kyle Reed, Pete Ryan, Thom Sevalrud, Ben Shannon, Drew Shannon, Arvydas Slabosevicius, Carey Sookocheff, Chris Stone, Richard Storms, Anthony Swaneveld, Kristen Swanson, Tin Can Forest, Daniel Turner, Emese Ungar, Charlyn Wee, Gordon Wiebe, Carl Wiens, James Wilkes and Steve Wilson!

Brought to you by Pyramid Attack and NOOK!

Featuring the fine beers of the Kensington Brewing Company.


Saturday June 15th 2013: Botanical Drawing Workshop with Kathryn Chorney


The secret lives of plants play out every day of the year, even in the heart of the city. Botanical artists have been fascinated by both the beauties and the lives of plants for thousands of years, and their observations have made vital contributions to the histories of both science and art.

Join Kathryn Chorney as we take a close look and a drawing book, and spend some time with Nature’s structures, relationships, and stories – found in everything from the showiest blooms to the humblest small weeds. Even if you don’t know a catkin from a pussy willow, don’t be shy – Nature will always have something to offer to those who take the time to look.

Kathryn Chorney MScBMC is an avid nature journal-er, friend of fungi, and science/nature/medical illustrator. She is a full time professor at Sheridan College where she teaches Scientific Illustration. An award-winning artist, Kathryn is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI) as well as the Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators (SONSI).

Bring: sketchbook, graphite pencils, and whatever other media you like best: ink, watercolour, and/or coloured pencils. All other supplies will be provided.

If weather permits we may do a mini-expedition outdoors as part of the class.


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Thursday April 18th: Rivers Remembered

An evening of exploration and notes from the underground with Jeremy Kai, in conversation with Aaron Leighton.

Kai has been exploring the hidden networks of tunnels and passages beneath the city’s surface since 2006. Many of these spaces are subterranean forms of rivers and creeks that once defined natural landscapes. In 2011, Koyama Press released “Rivers Forgotten”, a photographic journey through the sewers and storm drains of Toronto and the GTA.

Join Jeremy Kai as he unearths a bizarre subculture that has sprouted from modern underground exploration, known as “draining”. Learn how rivers have influenced urban development in cities like Toronto, and take a virtual tour under the streets to the where lost rivers dwell today.

Jeremy will share some of his most memorable adventures, discoveries, and the near run-ins with the law while exploring the world beneath our feet.

Thursday April 18th, 7:30pm, 156 Augusta Avenue

Pay what you can at the door - please RSVP


Sunday April 28th: Repeat Pattern Workshop


Sunday March 24th 2013: Concept Camp with Julia Breckenreid

Illustrators solve visual problems differently, but perhaps your pencil could use some sharpening! Push your work beyond rendering ability and stand out from the crowd.
This class is constructed with illustrators in mind, but any creative pros are welcome to join.
Julia Breckenreid is an award winning illustrator as well as instructor, teaching at Sheridan College in the Illustration department. Passionate about idea-making, she'd like to help you transform the way you and others see your work.

Noon to 1pm

Have your lunch and listen: Find your lunch in the market and have a seat while Julia leads a slideshow and discussion.

1 to 4pm

Julia will work with artists in attendance individually and facilitate group exercises.


This class is limited to 10 participants.