Designing for Letterpress with Micheline Courtemanche 

The very first class that nook offered last summer is back!

From the inkling of an idea, to the tactile feeling of the pen hitting the paper, to the satisfaction of the textures left by the compression of the press on the printed piece – that's the beauty of Letterpress.

This is an advanced class for illustrators and designers with an interest in the creative potential of printing processes.

Join us for a two hour tour of different printing techniques, their advantages and their drawbacks, leading to letterpress, discovering it's unique qualities and it's limitations.

Discussion will focus on the physicality of letterpress and how it works, the pitfalls and possibilities found in such techniques as: overlapping, outlining, unregistered printing, blind impressions, visual embossing, and more. Through these examples we will discuss how different techniques should be handled when preparing digital files.

Participants are encouraged to bring in samples of work that they would like to have printed. The group will collaboratively consider each sample as a candidate for letterpress, based on the information gained in the class. Practical information from this portion of the class will be invaluable, as each application will be unique and pose different challenges.

Micheline Courtemanche is the proprietor of Betty & Bing, a letterpress print shop situated in the picturesque town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Betty & Bing are passionate about paper, ink, design and the infinite possibilities created by that combination. 

After fourteen years as a graphic designer, Micheline was finally able to unite all of these loves in one place: the letterpress print shop.

Thursday, March 29th at 7pm


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Calligraphy Class with Kathryn Adams

Introduction to calligraphy:

Participants will lean how to use chisel-edge calligraphy pens (Most common are the Speedball make) and shown how to rule out their own practice paper, grind their own ink using chinese stick ink, how to use regular ink, gouache to do lettering, and sharpen pens.

A variety of lettering templates will be provided and introduced. Roundhand, Blackletter and Half-Uncials are popular styles to start with.

Equipment needed:
* Gouache & a small tray to add water to it.
* Small brushes to load the pen nib.
* A water jar for cleaning brushes.
* Tissues for drying wet pen nibs.
* A bottle of regular black ink.
* A pen holder and a variety of sizes of chisel edge calligraphy nibs.
* Pencils, sharpener & eraser.
* Ruler & parallel ruler if you have one.
* lots of paper. 11X 17 is more efficient than 8.5 x 11 because it's less work to
   rule out lines.


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American Illustration 2012 Deadline

Nice lineup this year! Get your entries in order...


Marco Cibola Interviews Jacqui Oakley

Check it out, our friends Marco and Jacqui will be at this salon event at the DX:

Wed Feb 22 @ The DX, 6:30–7:30PM
234 Bay Street, Toronto


The Subconscious Sketchbook Class - Next Week!

A reminder to our readers that "The Subconscious Sketchbook Class" begins next Tuesday, which is Valentines Day... We have some room if you'd like to join!

Sketchbooks aren't just for illustrators. They're for everyone. All it takes is a willingness to do instead of think about doing! So if you've ever wanted to keep a sketchbook but didn't know where to start, this class might just be for you. Leave those excuses at home, and come join us for a four-part class where you will develop your own fantastic sketchbook! For more info or to sign up click here.