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Calligraphy Class with Kathryn Adams

Introduction to calligraphy:

Participants will lean how to use chisel-edge calligraphy pens (Most common are the Speedball make) and shown how to rule out their own practice paper, grind their own ink using chinese stick ink, how to use regular ink, gouache to do lettering, and sharpen pens.

A variety of lettering templates will be provided and introduced. Roundhand, Blackletter and Half-Uncials are popular styles to start with.

Equipment needed:
* Gouache & a small tray to add water to it.
* Small brushes to load the pen nib.
* A water jar for cleaning brushes.
* Tissues for drying wet pen nibs.
* A bottle of regular black ink.
* A pen holder and a variety of sizes of chisel edge calligraphy nibs.
* Pencils, sharpener & eraser.
* Ruler & parallel ruler if you have one.
* lots of paper. 11X 17 is more efficient than 8.5 x 11 because it's less work to
   rule out lines.


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